In-Wall USB Charger FAQs


How long will it take me to receive the packages?
The devices are available to be sent with all the standard mailing solutions such as USPS, UPS, Fed-x etc.

How fast does the Duo charge my iPad?
The Duo charges the iPad as fast as the standard Apple Charger.

How fast does the Quattro charge my iPad?
The Quattro is capable of charging 4 USB devices simultaneously. It is capable of charging an iPad and three iPhones at full rate.

What colors do the outlets come in?
The outlets come in three colors, ivory, light Almond and White.

Does the duo come with a 15 or 20 amp outlet?
The duo comes standard with a 15 amp tamper resistant outlet. A 20 amp outlet is available by special order for wholesale customers.

How easy is it to install the outlets?
The outlets are as easy to install as any standard outlet. Just de-install what’s presently in the wall, then install the Duo or the Quattro, in its place. You will only need a screwdriver. Make sure you shut off the main power first.

Where were the outlets designed?
The outlets were designed in Silicon Valley.

How many devices can be charged simultaneously with the Quattro?
The quattro can charge four devices at once.

Do the outlets come with the face plates?
Both outlets come with custom face plates